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Mach 1 Forensics provides our clients with the expertise needed to analyze and interpret the most complex DNA cases using industry accepted amplification kits.  The analysis can include a detailed Chain of Custody report for each item of evidence, a breakdown of the testing on each item, when the testing was done, and who did the testing.  Our staff can also offer a client a second opinion on the steps used during analysis and the interpretation of the DNA profiles in a case.  Additionally, Mach 1 Forensics offers to review the operating procedures of a laboratory to compare those to industry standards and ensure those procedures were followed as written.

Shooting Reconstruction/ Officer Involved Shootings

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With the vast experience of the Mach 1 Forensics staff, we can provide the insight and analysis you need on shooting scenes, as well as officer involved shootings.  This analysis will help shed insight on the events that likely took place, as well as where important factors may or may not have been.  Mach 1 Forensics can provide the clear and unbiased analysis that will allow for the best possible understanding of the shooting event and the various scenarios that may have taken place during and after the incident.

Forensic Consulting / Case Review
Forensic Consulting

Modern forensic science plays a key role in many of today's most complex civil and criminal cases.  The Mach 1 Forensics staff is here to help our clients understand this critical and often times technical information so that it can be presented in an effective and understandable way.  Mach 1 Forensics can provide a detailed and clear report that reviews the Chain of Custody of the items in a case to ensure there is no break or storage conditions that may impact the evidence and/or the results from an item.  Additionally, our staff can review a laboratories operating procedures to ensure they meet industry standards and are effectively followed throughout all the steps of the analysis.

Bloodstain Patterns
Transfer Stain on Trim

Mach 1 Forensics meets the needs of our clients in bloodstain pattern analysis and interpretation.  Often the patterns found within a crime scene or on items of evidence can provide additional details as to the sequence of events as they happened.  Additionally, those stains and patterns may provide information to confirm or contradict recorded statements.  The analysis of the bloodstains by the Mach 1 Forensics staff can include reconstructing the likely order of events as they unfolded in the scene, placing individuals where they may have been during those events, and determining a minimum number of individuals involved.  Mach 1 Forensics also ensures the terminology used in reporting results is industry accepted to provide the clear and accurate results to our clients.

Firearms - 

The Mach 1 Forensics staff has taken the National Forensic Science Technology Center (NFSTC) training on the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF)  NIBIN/IBIS systems for acquiring and comparing projectiles and/or cartridge cases from crime scene and test firings, and has hands on experience with entering evidence into the system as well.  Our staff also has a good understanding of modern firearm testing procedures involving function testing and test firing a weapon.  Our knowledge of these procedures can help ensure you understand what testing has or needs to take place, and if there is any additional testing that may be beneficial.

Gentry Roth Testimony

Mach 1 Forensics has over 17 years of experience providing expert testimony in local, county, and state court systems.  With over 100 testimonies as an expert covering crime scenes, bloodstain patterns, and DNA analysis; Mach 1 Forensics provides our clients with effective, clear, and easily understandable testimony.  

Crime Scene 

The Mach 1 Forensics staff's experience with active and revisited crime scenes allows us to provide our clients with the knowledge and skills needed to answer the most complex and difficult questions.  From diagramming, reconstruction, and/or animation; Mach 1 Forensics can meet the needs of our clients.  The knowledge and expertise of the Mach 1 Forensics staff can be applied to crime scenes that include but is not limited too; officer involved shootings, assault scenes, shooting reconstructions, suicides, and homicides.

Latent Fingerprints - 
Processing & Procedures

Mach 1 Forensics has over 16 years of experience with processing items of evidence for latent prints.  This has been both in the field and in the laboratory using dye stains, chemicals, and physical powders.  Additionally, our expertise includes permanently capturing those prints through high resolution digital images and/or tape lifts.  In addition to our hands on experience, Mach 1 Forensics also has tremendous experience in reviewing latent print reports that include the comparison process.  Our knowledge can help guide you to a clear understanding of what processing took place, what the results mean, and what other analysis may be beneficial to the case at hand.  

Forensic Training / Education

The staff of Mach 1 Forensics has been a part of providing training and educational presentations for over 17 years.  The types of groups have included industry professionals, law enforcement staff and recruits, prosecution and defense staff, and presentations made to the public.  The presentations have included specialized forensic training and material, case presentations, high school and middle school lectures, procedural overview, as well as research and experimentation results.  Mach 1 Forensics has a vast array of presentations available that can be modified to meet our clients unique needs.