Forensic science is critical to the effective administration of justice.  Crime scene investigation, evidence collection, bloodstain patterns, crime scene reconstruction, and DNA analysis are all essential to the pursuit of holding those who have committed crimes accountable.  To bear this responsibility, forensic scientists must operate with integrity, objectivity, and meet the highest standards based upon years of education, training and experience.   This standard has been set by Gentry Roth since 2001. 

As a forensic scientist in Colorado for many years, Gentry Roth provided his expertise to crime scene investigation and evidence collection.  Gentry Roth was integral in investigations by reconstructing scenes, intense examination of the evidence, and bloodstain pattern analysis/interpretation.  Based upon his objectivity, he consulted with investigators across Colorado. 

However, for justice be attained thorough evidence collection and analysis must be accompanied by credible testimony.  Gentry Roth has testified in over 100 cases, with an ability to communicate complex material in a clear and credible manner.  Specifically, Gentry Roth has helped juries understand the evidentiary value to various biological fluids including semen blood, provided reliable DNA analysis, but has provided pattern analysis that has provided juries with objective insight as to how the crime occurred. 

Gentry Roth combines honesty, experience, expertise and easy to understand communication skills to each crime scene, each item of evidence, and every investigation.  This rare combination of attributes, was critical to the pursuit of justice in cases in Jefferson County and across Colorado. 

Matthew Durkin

Chief Deputy District Attorney

Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office

Golden, CO