I had the pleasure of working with Gentry Roth for several years, both while I was an Investigator at the
Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office and then as an Investigator for the Jefferson County District Attorney’s

I worked with Gentry on countless scenes. He is incredibly thorough and knowledgeable in searching,
documenting, processing, and collection. Even in adverse situations, such as poor weather conditions or
many many hours on scene, Gentry maintains his high level of effectiveness and standard of work.
I was also assigned to Cold Cases through much of the time I worked with Gentry. He was my “go to” guy
to discuss evidence and possible processing. Gentry was always willing to try processing on items that
seemed very unlikely to yield evidence. Additionally, he stays up to date on the latest forensic
techniques and would offer to try further testing when something new emerged that might benefit one
of my cases.

Criminalists aren’t always the best at testifying in a fashion that makes it easy for jurors and judges to
understand. That is definitely not the case with Gentry. He is articulate and personable and testifies in a
credible manner.

I would highly recommend Gentry for your forensic needs.

Cheryl Moore

Investigator - Persons/Cold Cases