I was a Deputy District Attorney in the First Judicial District in Jefferson County, Colorado and had the pleasure of working with Gentry Roth for several years in his capacity as a Crime Scene Investigator (CSI) and DNA Analyst with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office (JCSO).  In his role with JCSO, Gentry hit the mark in every way possible – he was diligent, detailed oriented, prepared, friendly, and testified as well as any expert I have had on the stand.  His testimony strikes the perfect balance of being scientific and accurate, yet easily understandable and relatable for any juror.  Gentry’s abilities and mastery of his job are exemplified in the case of People v. Sandoval, 2018 COA 156, --- P.3d ----, (Colo. App. 2018).  In Sandoval, Gentry acted as our CSI and DNA Analyst from the investigation stage through trial.  Gentry’s phenomenal work helped ensure that the conviction in a difficult murder case withstood appeal. 


I highly recommend Gentry for any and all of your CSI and/or DNA analyst needs.

Adam Kendall