Gentry Roth - Owner/Chief Scientist:

Gentry began his forensic career in March of 2001 in the Forensic Biology/DNA section.  He has examined items for various biological fluids and trace evidence. His hands-on experience with the DNA process includes extracting, quantifying, amplifying, and interpreting DNA profiles from a wide variety of evidence types.  


Gentry's background includes DNA analysis, DNA profile interpretation (mixtures and single source), crime scene response, crime scene reconstruction, shooting reconstruction, evidence collection, bloodstain pattern analysis and interpretation.  He has hands on experience with all types of cases, including but not limited to; burglary, robbery, officer involved shootings, homicide, suicide, cold cases, and public safety.  He has testified as an expert witness in Forensic Biology/DNA analysis, crime scene response, crime scene reconstruction, shooting reconstruction, and bloodstain pattern analysis and interpretation.

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Gentry has spent his entire career as a part of accredited laboratories (ASCLD-LAB), starting in California, then Colorado, Oregon, and Utah.  He has served as a technical inspector for ASCLD-LAB in the disciplines of Forensic Biology and Crime Scenes.  He has also been trained as a DAB auditor for forensic DNA laboratories, and has been certified as a Senior Crime Scene Analyst by the IAI (International Association of Identification).

With over 19 years of forensic experience and over 100 testimonies in a court of law; Gentry Roth brings the forensic experience to meet your consulting needs in the forensic fields of DNA analysis, Crime Scenes, Officer-Involved Shootings, Bloodstain Patterns, and General Forensics.